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Values, leadership, quality

There is hard work and a lot of passion in a company. Therefore, reliability, trust and respect form the sustainable foundation for our actions on your behalf. We attach great importance to always delivering high quality services.

Our motto: Technically precise - with entrepreneurial responsibility

Unsere Qualitätsziele

Line Gold Kurz
The top quality goal is always "zero defects" or "100% correct".
Appointments are binding for us and will be adhered to.
Anfragen, Angebote, Aufträge werden freundlich, zügig und sorgfältig bearbeitet.
The focus is on proactive procedures to avoid errors.
We include our cooperation partners in our values.
Our quality principles are binding for all employees.
Additional requirements defined by customers receive special attention.
The continuous improvement of what has been achieved is a matter of course for us.
Line Gold Kurz

Business Excellence

At METRIKS, the focus is on the customer. Our focus is on aligning our services with your requirements and goals. We achieve this goal through the consistent implementation of our quality goals and constant dialogue with our customers, employees and partner companies.

Leadership. Experience. Excellence.

The "EFQM Model for Business Excellence"

Sustainable excellence.

Nachhaltigkeit bedeutet für uns, wirkungsvolle und zukunftsorientierte Strategien und Konzepte zu erstellen. Unser Anspruch ist grundsätzlich, für unsere Kunden die bestmögliche Lösung zu finden und effektiv einzuführen. Dazu gehören Erfahrung, eine ganzheitliche Sicht sowie die Integration der Mitarbeitenden und der Know-How Transfer bei der Implementierung. Das METRIKS-Leitmotiv „Wachstum durch Kostenführerschaft und Innovation“ folgt diesem Gedanken und definiert unseren Unternehmens und umsetzungsorientierten  Beratungsansatz.

Share knowledge, pool strengths

METRIKS maintains various networks and platforms to promote business exchange and knowledge transfer. This network also includes various partners who become active for our customers when necessary - in accordance with our quality specifications, objectives and values. In this way we create new links and open up horizons.

Industry sectors

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Automotive industry

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mechanical engineering

Transport & Logistik

Transport & logistics

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Trade & Services

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Capital goods industry


Networks are more important than ever for a successful corporate strategy. The corporate dialogue offers entrepreneurs and managers a platform for encounters and an exchange of experiences on an equal footing. Discover new impulses for your company or simply listen to the selected speakers from business, culture and politics in a cozy atmosphere.

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